At Nutmeg I had the opportunity to work in a small creative team within the FinTech start up scene. My role included working on the early stages of Nutmeg’s Personal Pension product, the marketing site and in-app site. I also worked on the early stages of developing the mobile app as well as creating high fidelity mock up, analysing user tests and conducting research on users.

User Research

With the Nutmeg’s Personal Pension product in development, user research was vital. I was tasked with creating a customer interview guide which was used throughout the interview process.

I also attended interviews and created user profiles that presented the key narratives and experiences that would help later on with the design process as well as use scenarios.

As well as user research, I also carried out secondary research into other pension providers; I looked at what services and products they offer, how they present their products as well as the application process.

This research was enlightening as it illustrated how tedious the process of applying for pensions can be as well as what was required.


The dashboard at the time was only designed for one product, and with the pension product due the dashboard had to be redesigned for multiple products.

This project was split into two parts; the first part looked at the redesign as a long term project;  the dashboard style and components added, such as risk level, profile pictures and a table view. The second part was to design a more immediate solution for displaying multiple products; this was the main priority as there was a short time frame to work within. Though the changes were quite simple the end result met the needs of the users and developers.