My role at Peak as a UI/UX designer gave me the opportunity to work in designing for Android and IOS in the brain training mobile game industry.

Peak has had a huge amount of success in recent years reaching number one on the Apple store among other successes. Working at Peak provided me with valuable skills in perfecting user interfaces as well as being platform and device specific.

My main duties at Peak included leading the Peak Android Alpha design process and creating assets for the game that were suitable for both iOS and Android.


My main project at Peak was getting Peak Android Alpha ready for launch. I picked this project up early on and saw it through until it’s launch to a closed group testing.

The process started off by studying the Materials design guide and creating low fidelity mock up that were in accordance to Peak’s brand guidelines and colours.  After a series of iteration I created the final high fidelity mockups, which were specified and sent to the developers involved.

Once the Alpha version was built it was tested throughout Singapore and later modified and released on Google Play in March 2015.