Simplify Digital

Simplify Digital operates the UK’s largest and fastest growing ‘triple play’ (TV, home phone and broadband) comparison sales platform. The have provided white label products for Compare the Market, Sainsbury’s, Dixons and uSwitch.

My role at Simplify Digital allowed me to work cross-platform on web, tablets and print. I worked on both in-house projects and on client based projects. 

Blog Design

The blog was designed for Simplify Digital Web Services who, as a separate entity, needed to boost their online presence to show off the technology they offered and remain relevant.

The design made use of a clean layout with a minimal colour palette. The design was brought to life with colourful hoverer effects and typography.


Typography played an important role for the blog design; the goal of the blog was to get readers interested in the technological part of Simplify Digital, whilst staying up-to-date.

I started off by looking into what other tech blogs, publishers and websites used as well as looking into the history and original application of the shortlisted fonts.

The selected font was Helvetica Neue for the fact that it was widely used and accepted, available in different weights, easy to implement  and well suited for screen designs.

Design for Customer Care

Simplify Digital offered a call centre service to their clients, the process which the customer care staff went through was long and tedious. With new clients bringing in new regulations there they had to read a series of mandatory statements to the customer as well as upsell any relevant products.

This was an interesting design challenge as it was essentially about making the customer care staff member’s user journey as simple and concise as possible for them so that they can convey the correct and most relevant information to the customers as possible.