Biju Bubble Tea


Biju is one of my favourites places in London. Located in Soho, London this super chic bubble tea house reinvents bubble tea for the London market.

Priding themselves of fresh and natural ingredients Biju have tapped into a market who are aware of what they consume. The branding and interior reflects this as it differs from other bubble tea house around soho. It is really lovely to see that every detail of the interior is carefully considered and matches the website along with any printed material perfectly.


The interior makes use of a bold colour palette which is indicative of the kitsch decor that other bubble tea houses may use. However in this case Biju have used the colours to create accents of colour blocks with sharp corners against a neutral grey as well as the exposed brick wall.


The sharpness of the walls are juxtaposed with the seating and table arrangement. Biju have made use of cork sheets to cover parts of the walls as well as the rounded blocks which can be used as seating or alternatively as a table. This simple choice adds a sense of playfulness which is reflected in the colours.

From the popular Taiwanese tradition to a contemporary-cute spot for bubble tea in London, Biju have succeeded in creating both an elegant and adorable place to socialise and have high quality bubble tea.


Find Biju Bubble Tea

Biju Bubble Tea
Soho Location
45 Old Compton Street

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