Art and Signs by Archie Proudfoot 

During Clerkenwell Design Week this year, I did my usual visit of the subterranean House of Detention. On entering one particular cell caught my eye.


(Archie Proudfoot at Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 – Photo by me)

Against the dark bricks the gold outlines, contrasting colours and large lettering stood out to me.

When I asked about the framed pieces on the wall, I found out that each individual design was hand painted. The immaculately crisp lines of the lettering and bold use of colours and gradients was the work of Archie Proudfoot.

Archie Proudfoot is an artist and sign painter who explores the relationship our with language using the aesthetic styles and techniques of traditional sign makers.

Archie’s portfolio of work also includes commission from The Society For The Protection of Unwanted Objects, Ogilvy & Mather and Acme.

What I really like about Archie’s work is the combination of traditional skills and strong visuals. He has clearly fine-tuned his craft and created his own style.

You can see more of Archie’s work here.



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