Design Disruptors by Invision

A couple of weeks ago I attended the London premiere of the documentary Design Disruptors at the London Palladium.

Design Disruptors is a full-length design documentary produced by Invision that aims to look at the design industry as a whole and explore how it’s been disrupted.


Some of the industry experts in the documentary included Julie Zhuo (Product Designer at Facebook), Andrew Crow (Head of Design at Medium), Andy Law (Lead Mobile Product Designer at Netflix) and Katie Dill (Head of Experience Design at Airbnb).

With a wide range of people sharing their expertise and experiences there was a lot to gain from this documentary. The world of UX and digital design was looked at through the eyes of some of the biggest companies in the world.

Design Disruptors took a wholistic view of the industry but at points it felt like I could predict what was going to be said. I did feel however that some of the companies featured weren’t “disruptors” per say but still highly successful in their industry.

After the the premiere there was a Q&A with Tobias Van Schneider. Some questions were taken from the audience, but unfortunately there wasn’t any microphones available in the upper circle.

As a whole I enjoyed the experience, the documentary was well produced and covered a very broad subject effectively. It was interesting the see the similarities and differences in the companies who were represented.

To book your place for the upcoming screening or learn more about the documentary visit the official Design Disruptors site.

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