Design Disruptors by Invision

A couple of weeks ago I attended the London premiere of the documentary Design Disruptors at the London Palladium. Design Disruptors is a full-length design documentary produced by Invision that aims to look at the design industry as a whole and explore how it’s been disrupted. Some of the industry experts in the documentary included Julie Zhuo (Product Designer at Facebook), […]

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Ice cream wafer apple pie macaroon dessert icing. Jelly lollipop gummies donut apple pie icing macaroon sweet marzipan. Liquorice gummies biscuit dessert sweet roll. Sugar plum chocolate cake biscuit ice cream jelly beans pudding tootsie roll. Chocolate bar tootsie roll gummi bears chocolate cake. Biscuit jujubes muffin cheesecake. Liquorice chupa chups chocolate pudding. Role: UX Designer […]

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Art and Signs by Archie Proudfoot 

During Clerkenwell Design Week this year, I did my usual visit of the subterranean House of Detention. On entering one particular cell caught my eye. Against the dark bricks the gold outlines, contrasting colours and large lettering stood out to me. When I asked about the framed pieces on the wall, I found out that […]

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Eat the Rude

“He told me once that, whenever it was ‘feasible,’ he preferred to eat the rude. ‘Free-range rude,’ he called them…” – Hannibal, Thomas Harris ‘Eat the Rude’ by Dr Hannibal Lecter is a design for a fictional book cover I did a while ago.  I was Inspired by the Bryan Fullar TV series and the original books. […]

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Just for Kicks

Sketch 3 has been my go-to software for about a year now and up until a couple of months ago I hadn’t done any illustration work on it. So in some sort of attempt to improve my Sketch 3 skills and vector work I have drawn some cute illustrations. I may or may not add to this […]

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