Fancy Cat's Pyjamas: Branding and Identity


Inspired by creating content for my own children; I started Fancy Cat's Pyjamas to appeal to other like-minded parents and carers who want to provide extra-circular activities to supplement their child's education. I wanted the designs to be fun but also high quality; to ensure this all the designs are made with specific needs and consideration with hand made graphics.


When creating the logo the goal was to create a fun brand that produces high quality designs. To get this across I took inspiration from the rubber hose animations of the 1920s. This added the element of fun I was looking for whilst borrowing elements from an established era of cartoons associated with quality.
The worksheets and activities are catered to the educational level of pre-schoolers or nursery aged children. They offer a range of challenges and a variety of activities to develop fine motor, visual discrimination, language, and maths skills; all of these are important to establish before a child starts school.
I used the contrasting font pairing of Yeseva One and Poppins for Fancy Cat's Pyjamas. The geometric sans serif typeface Poppins is a popular choice and its legibility means that it displays numbers and letters well whilst retaining a familiar and well-rounded look. Yeseva One, which is primarily used for headers and marketing collateral, is a display serif font that creates a balanced contrast with the Poppins but also offers a fancier feel.
Colour + Graphics
I used this slightly muted colour palette to evoke the brightness of childhood whilst not being garish. The colour palette is used throughout the worksheets and designs to create graphical elements and illustrations. They are tied together with a common style and form to keep the consistency of the brand throughout the different products. ★