Med Solutions Hub


As the lead designer on this project I designed the MSH platform tools to manage contracts, process claims, invoice drug rebates and share reports. My role was to design and develop the MSH system. I worked on designing the product based on the requirements alongside the PM and engineers. I ran design reviews to check the designs were implemented properly and worked with the development team to fix any issues.


Review requirements and establish an understanding
I worked closely with the PM for the initial requirements and scope, as well as learning about the industry in general.
Platform design
The platform required a huge amount of design, I provided the designs for the marketing site, sign up pages, directories, contracts, and invoices.
Create contract flow
Creating a contract was the core of this application. This flow was very complicated as it had to include a lot of information that was going to be used for legally binding contracts.The challenge was to break down the information in an understandable way, whilst presenting the administrator with all of the options at the appropriate point in the flow. I broke down the information and organised it into steps (Create Contract, Invoice and Fees, Legal Documentation, Drug Selection and Conditions. and Overview). At this point, I worked through the pages of the create contract flow.
Design testing
I also worked in testing the designs from a functional but also aesthetic perspective, when issues were found they were raised in a ticket and sometimes raised in a weekly update meeting.


The structure and layout of the drugs and conditions needed to be considered, as again, there was a lot of information that needed to be processed at this point. The user had to be able to:
  1. Search for drugs (Brand, NDC, class)
  2. Add conditions against that drug(s)
  3. Save it against a list associated with the draft contract
  4. Add as many drugs and conditions needed to complete the contract
With this being its own miniature process within the create contract flow I decided that this would be presented in a modal.The use of a modal created a small break away from the whole contract flow that allowed the user to focus on drugs and conditions without being distracted by the rest of the contract.


The MSH system design was completed and the product was released. ★