Virtual Office for G Suite


Virtual Office for G Suite is an integration that provides context specific information within Gmail. It allows the user to access meetings, calendars and records from Salesforce; as well as enabling voice calls. 8x8 were looking to improve the usability and update the UI of the Virtual Office integration. My role in this project was to: • Look at the existing product and work on improving the experience • Provide UX and UI improvements • Document, share and present the updated designs • Work with developers to make sure the designs were executed


I started by looking at how the existing product worked and the problems the users were facing. I used this opportunity to create flows which might solve the problem. Whilst discussing the problems with the developers and technical lead, I was able to figure out what was technically possible within the short time frame I had. Part of this project required a UI refresh as the old version looked very dated and wasn’t inline with the product suite at the time. The other aspect of this project was to present lots of contextual information in a small side panel. With the UI refresh I was able to use the new cleaner components to create more spacing. I also removed any unnecessary information and used tabs to separate and organise information.


Development: The technical limitations reduced the number of options available to us Space: The limited space provided an interesting challenge which was resolved using various methods including tabs and the use of white space.


The product was released to the Chrome Web Store with success in 2018. ★
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